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The Peace and Love Lifestyle is my labor of mastery; a one man labor of love devoted to the art of writing and yoga. Every essay comes from an exploration of consciousness that provides a space for people to gather and contemplate the love, beauty, and meaning in their lives. Every hour of my day is devoted to providing content that inspires and uplifts while remaining commercial and ad-free. The site takes thousands of dollars to sustain, and I ask that if you have found any joy, solace, or inspiration consider a modest donation, and, I promise, it will be appreciated more than could be understood. 

There are three options: You can become a Sustaining Patron and aid in making The Peace and Love Lifestyle possible for years to come with an automatic monthly donation of your choosing, or provide a one time donation that is the price of a Chai Tea Latte or Sunday Brunch or you can join our membership program and gain access to the entire site: 


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