The Peace and Love Lifestyle is on a mission to Heal our Schools, One breathe at a Time. We offer classes that focus on connecting the mind and body (while also improving something not talked about in schools- The spirit) and focus on enhancing the collective well-being of the school. We aim at assisting people in understanding the importance of “Keeping their Energy” at the work of being their higher self in and out of the classrooms. As any quality teacher I am a devoted learner that is committed to teaching classes that offer a space of healing. We offer integrative activities, reflections, journaling, and book readings during our session that aim at building a mindfulness community. We aim that every participant takes these learnings into their daily life. We partner with schools and districts to enhance the well-being of educators, fostering mindfulness in children that allows them to articulate their issues, and develop a school-wide culture that focuses on aiding teachers in becoming more intentional with their wellness. 

The Peace and Love Lifestyle partners with schools and districts to enhance educator well-being and retention, foster student social-emotional learning, and develop a school-wide culture of SEL and wellness. Our Partner Programs include ongoing wellness and SEL-focused professional development and curriculum for all staff, certifications for educator-leaders, and exclusive resources and coaching for administrators to achieve their SEL, wellness, and retention goals.

Equip a group of your educators with the skills to improve their own well-being, while also enhancing the physical, mental, and social-emotional health of their students and larger school community.

Train your educators and staff with powerful research-based strategies and practices to make wellness and social-emotional learning integral to your school and district culture. Our The Peace and Love Lifestyle Lead Trainers will provide your staff with an engaging experience that equips them with tools to enhance educator and student well-being.

Facilitate world-class Professional Learning Community sessions for your teams that help them enhance school-wide wellness, social-emotional learning, and culture. Receive expert coaching to help you take care of your own well-being as an administrator and lead effectively through uncertain and challenging times.

Members receive exclusive access to our inspiring educator community and wellness and social-emotional learning platform. This includes professional development webinars, meditation and yoga classes, daily wellness practices, school year SEL curriculum, mindfulness workshops, interactive educator events, and a growing resource library to support your well-being and teaching

Spiritual-Mental-Emotional-Physical Learning 

Design and facilitate digital and in-person Spiritual-Mental-Emotional-Physical and wellness workshops for adults and young people in your schools, districts, organizations, and communities.

Learning outcome: Lead wellness workshops for adults and young people in your schools, districts, & organizations.


Learning outcome: Sustain a daily personal meditation practice and be able to teach meditation to adults and young people.


Learning outcome: Teach an inclusive and trauma-informed yoga class for adults and young people digitally and in-person.


Learning outcome: Gain a foundational understanding of the history and ethical principles of yoga to support you in living yoga off the mat.

The Peace and Love Lifestyle Workshops

Learning outcome: Build the foundation for your own well-being, and enhance well-being in your relationships and community.


Learning outcome: Enhance your ability to practice and teach yoga in a sustainable, functional, and well-informed manner.

Foundation Package

Impact Package

Transformation Package

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