The Peace and Love Lifestyle

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What I Love and What I Hate

Things I love: Black people, Affection, Sex, Music, Smelling nice, Being Handsome, Having conversations, Waking up in the morning with someone, Pizza, Eating Healthy, Spirituality, Mental Health, Reading, James Baldwin, Malcolm X, Ralph Ellison, Mangoes, Sweaters, Making Notes and Lists, Kissing, Becoming and Being, Meditation, Yoga, Stretching, Black Women, Film, Photography, Dancing, Intellectualism, Jodeci, Nice Pens, Dru Hill, Masturbating, Eating Fruit, Eccentricity, Artistry, Sculptures, Freedom, Having a nice body, Working Out, Wine, Hanging out with my brother, Talking to my sister, Being on the Phone with my mother, Reading Author’s Diaries, Flirting, Looking at beautiful women, Being Alone, Death, life, hugging, Philosophy, Audre Lorde, Nikki Giovanni, Blackness, Listening, Being Respected, and Love. 

Things I hate: Messiness, Conversations with yelling, Stagnation, Procrastination, Wasting a Day, Feeling uncomfortable, Not smelling good, Boring Conversations, Convoluted Books, Boring People, People that are not individuals, Anxiety, Willful Ignorance, Proud Ignorance, Sucking up to people in higher positions, Getting Heartbroken, Falling out of love, Waiting on Phone calls, Being let down, Disappointing people, Feeling like I am missing out, Caring more about people than they care about themselves, When my skin feels tingly, When people interrupt a conversation, Not being in spaces that nurture my growth, Being in spaces when I deserve better, Learning Patience, Being in a building 5 days a week, Being Scared to succeed, Crying because time seems to slip away from me, loving a person that does not love you, pretending to love someone that I really do not love, Math, and being divisive. 

Fine Art America The Kiss of Unrequited Love Painting by Patrick Anthony Pierson

Things I want to become: A devotee of the yogi disciplines, Peaceful in all situations, Able to recognize when my emotions are thrown off and act in accordance with my emotions, Become attuned to the world, Live in relationship to the most high, Practice Tantric yoga Resistance flexibility and Kemetic yoga with the purest devotion, Develop a deep relationship to nature, A wonderful husband and friend, An authentic person no matter who is around, A awesome listener, A wonderful lover, An intellectual devoted to the spiritual, mental, Emotional well being of the world, An ability to be myself, Not take life to serious.

Things I don’t want to become: A hater, broke, Alienated from the world, a terrible listener, a victim, a fearful person, a womanizer, a person that tells people what they should be doing with their lives, Someone that doesn’t appreciate beauty, Someone that doesn’t love kids, Someone that doesn’t want to nurture the world, Someone rigidly stuck to their ideas, Afraid of the world, Looking for the approval of other people, Attempting to validate my existence, Anti-Intellectual.