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Will you say yes to life?

Our existence is impermanent, love, pain, the very breathe coming from your nose all comes to an end, this fact is mans deepest challenge. We want all our joys and pleasures to last forever, so when they depart we ache and scream. We even reflect on our past selves wishing for reappearance of a time that never existed, but the past carries the same troubles of this very moment. The strength to grab a mirror and look at your flesh, scars, and eyes carrying your personal history is the beginning of awakening from your hibernation. Once you have bravely looked at all the mistakes you have made, lies you’ve told and unrighteous acts of your being, you begin to shift into the present moment thrusting yourself into the present conglomeration of all those experiences.

Rummaging the uncharted self is not a easy voyage many retreat into seclusion however survivors respond to this moment of vulnerability in the words of Christ saying “I am”. I am is the gradual acceptance and loving that is needed during this time of transformation. With every new stage a shift or elevation in love is required to adapt yourself to new responsibilities. Love is an essential part of the journey of self discovery in our tendency for harsh criticism it provides the gentleness to continue evolving. Every hour gives a new meaning to life and the acceptance of impermanence is the crisis of the hour, understanding everything ends, even the periods of our life we wish could stay forever must be learned from and accepted. Every new day has endless possibilities and our responses to the sorrows, hesitations, spontaneous bouts of sadness forever shapes the people we become.

We ache over desiring permanence in pleasure, begging for the moments to never leave, reflecting on a beauty that can never exist again. After all we are familiar with suffering and aloneness, so embracing suffering seems to go against all the reasons we choose to keep it away. My yes to life is rejoicing in the beauty of the time and accepting the impermanence of our existence. All our lives are interconnected, depending on each other unaware of the influences we have on our neighbors moving through our individual stories. I came to realize you do not only live for yourself, nor God but for your fellow man there are people depending on the influence of your craft to help them keep the faith in living.

By embracing impermanence, acceptance of the constant endings and beginnings of moments, you are embracing our mortality. You are coming to terms with the fact everything you have ever known is temporary and will be turned into dust and absorbed by time. While it sounds sad and unfortunate, you are liberated to the urgency of every intimate moment in our lives. I have loved a lot of people and a lot of people have loved me, some of those people are dead and a few I haven’t spoken too in years. While I love them and life has drifted us from each other I say yes to new connections, moments and opportunities to love. Those you love will not be here forever so you must learn to use the time.

We crave predictable stories of success, love and enlightenment, however life is far from the myths we have spread. Everyone traveling the road to success knows the path is far from straight, and never easy. The belief all the cravings to our aloneness and loneliness will be answered is one of our saddest myths, however you learn to cherish those precious moments of serenity when a lover spontaneously comes into your sphere. Enlightenment does not come after a 21 day meditation, we are surprised when the face you look in the mirror is the same stranger you have always seen. We must mature past these myths of permanence and predictability if we are to give the children a long semi-healthy life.

Escaping the convention of your time requires continuous, persistent refiguring. Man only moves so far beyond his position in the universe, however constricting the standards of your time you must push for more room to breathe. Moving past old selves, incorporating new ideas and releasing ones no longer needed. We are perpetually in a state of evolution and Stepping into new habits, and using your hours differently is the beginning process of entering a new sphere with a renewed body. Learning to move through the loneliness of daily living is a gift because once it’s embraced comes a exhilarating burst of energy. I am not talking about a hyper productive life, following millionaire routines for maximum productivity. The life I speak is an embrace of your circumstances and suffering using every minute to become a little closer to spirit. Producing is not what gives meaning to your life, our life has meaning from birth and from that fact comes the desire to produce. While life is difficult, saying yes brings a peace of mind from the acknowledgement that no pain is abnormal or against life.

My love for art, literature and yoga does not always anesthetize the pain of daily living. While it does help me breathe it all goes out the window when the hellish pressure of the hour emerges. Every hour is important and brings a question that must be answered. Can you live and embrace this hour in this moment in this time? For that hour will come to an end and another shall begin, only with the courage can we begin to become loyal to our daily duty.

One day you will be thrusted spontaneously by universal chance into the space of a potential lover. In that moment every pain, heartbreak, mistake is forgotten in this “moment” of possibility. That hour requires the courage of the tounge to break the silence of two former strangers and burst into each others lives. That stranger has now become a beacon of possibility and opportunity opening two possible dimensions. One where you continue charting your lonesome path or another where your court this stranger.

Love, that metaphysical experience you long for and have sometimes rejected comes back to you. The duty of the hour, if you decide to go down the second dimension, is then to destroy the distance between strangers. Nervousness fills the body because this stranger has the potential to become important to you, they could one day have the power to affect you and worst of all know you.

Paradoxically the beauty of every hour, is choosing to consciously move closer to your own stranger. With each hour sadness and hope shifts between our veins shaping the decisions that create us. Even with these fleeting emotions beginning and ending it shows how life is depended on how you endure the end and embrace the beginning. I have faith in life, faith in the possibilities of the day. The world will impose demands on you every hour, you must listen to the inner voice fueled by your heart to give you the answers to your fresh responsibility.

We must survive and We must endure